Software as a Service

If you are looking to start a subscription-based software business, packagedby have a proven track record of delivering Software-as-a-Service solutions, working with clients across a variety of different sectors. We can take care of every aspect of the development process including using industry-standard tools and processes to develop and deliver your application.

Payments and subscriptions

We have worked with a range of payment providers, and have extensive experience of building flexible subscription models for online businesses.

From simple monthly plans for your customers, to per-user pricing with add-ons and usage limits – we have got you covered. We can either deeply integrate with a payment gateway, or integrate with services which do all of the heavy lifting – so we can focus on your core business.

Multi-tenant applications

Segregate customers accounts, let all of your customers users login, but only give them access to that customers data. We have built many applications which revolve around the notion of a tenant or customer account, sometimes each user is the tenant, in other cases its a large client organisation that is the tenant, isolating their data from other customers.

Enterprise features

If you have a Software-as-a-Service product aimed at large organisations, we can bring in enterprise grade functionality to make working with large companies as easy as possible.

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